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Welcome to my web site!
On this home page, I'll introduce my Craftworks and souvenirs from Argentina...Last minute souvenir shopping?? Are you searching gifts for friends?? We deliver to your hotel!
"Always causes ilusion when we get something we haven't thought ... "


Bring back from Argentina a mate cup!! They are vase shaped vessels used for drinking Mate tea, usually made out of wood or gourds, often decorated. Many come with intricately designed metal straws as well, and yerba mate, the tea, is widely available too, making the cup a functional gift.

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Colorful and unique gift the Argentina’s most popular beverage: Mate

Mate painted with Filete Porteño

En la cocina argentina

mateEl mate argentino es un símbolo de la Amistad.
Tomar mate es un ritual que se acompaña de la charla y el tiempo que dedicamos a los amigos y a la familia.
El yerbero contine la yerba mate y el azúcar con los que preparamos esta infusión.

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